Saturday, October 26, 2019

Are you going to Gamehole Con?  Please visit Nytingail: Arts and Aesthetics at Booth #51

Here you will find a vast array of Secret Agents of CROSS stuff as well as Savage Worlds items. 

From left to right to

Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage World's Adventure Edition (Hardcover and Softcover)
Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage World's Explorer Edition (Softcover)
Secret Agents of CROSS Jumpstart pamphlets (Free!)
Customized Secret Agents of CROSS dice in red, black, or black
Foam dice trays
Modular flight stands
Blast Template
Cone Template
Bennies (Secret Agents of CROSS, Pentagram, Biohazard, Radiation, 6-gun)
Action (Poker) Deck (Easy to read and detailed)
Gear Deck
Secret Agents of CROSS branded tape measures
Name Tents (slots for bennies and 2 cards, and a wipe board surface)
Collapsable dice tray/mouse pad
Damage Determinator spinner


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