International Moonbase Kickstarter: Single Floor Moonpod

Single floor Moonpod.  These come in two types the single door and the 4 door models.  All doors have swing-in bulkhead doors.


 Blessed Machine's second Kickstarter Wild West Hardware is live! Check out our campy video and all of our fine goods!

Spittoon Dice Tower!!


Shotgun Ammunition Tracker


Check out the Shotgun Ammunition Tracker! This guy is our first accessory to use magnets to provide a very satisfying closing snap.

Here is our test print using a nice silky black grey gun metal filament.


 This is my personal favorite ammunition tracker.  This little cutie tracks ammo for a firearm you can hide in your pocket, your boot, or even your brassiere.  Meet the Derringer Ammunition Tracker!

Westerner's Dash


The Westerner's Dash does bring together all of our accessories into a fun and organized set.  This is the console that all of the components lock into and in itself has areas for Poker cards, dice, ammunition trays, and tokens. Check out this render and test print.


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Ammunition Tray for Six-gun and other Ammunition Trackers


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 Here is a render of the action for the Six-gun, our first ammunition tracker.  Also a test print.

3D Printable tabletop accessories for your Western
 games whether they are Old, Wild, or Weird.

Moseying over to 
November 3rd

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Evilution Unchained has never been cheaper!

Hey I want to get my Champions (Hero System 6e) adventure Evilution Unchained into more hands! I have had Hero Games create a a book+pdf bundle, chopped the price in half, AND threw in the HD files for free. You can check it out here!

Etsy shop!

Hello Blessed Machine fans! I have opened an Etsy shop to showcase my 3D printed Bennies.  Check them out in all their Heavenly glory!

Secret Agents of CROSS Gear Cards

This deck of 54 cards helps to showcase both the contents of CROSS safe houses throughout the world as well as the art of Secret Agents of  CROSS, a tabletop game for Savage Worlds. 

New Mission! Road Less Traveled

For most people, a car is just a means to get from one place to another, for others, it is an expression of who they are. When that owner is also a sociopath your team is in grave danger.

This product is a 4-page mission for Secret Agents of CROSS. Use as-is or expand to your liking.
Are you going to Gamehole Con?  Please visit Nytingail: Arts and Aesthetics at Booth #51

Here you will find a vast array of Secret Agents of CROSS stuff as well as Savage Worlds items. 

From left to right to

Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage World's Adventure Edition (Hardcover and Softcover)
Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage World's Explorer Edition (Softcover)
Secret Agents of CROSS Jumpstart pamphlets (Free!)
Customized Secret Agents of CROSS dice in red, black, or black
Foam dice trays
Modular flight stands
Blast Template
Cone Template
Bennies (Secret Agents of CROSS, Pentagram, Biohazard, Radiation, 6-gun)
Action (Poker) Deck (Easy to read and detailed)
Gear Deck
Secret Agents of CROSS branded tape measures
Name Tents (slots for bennies and 2 cards, and a wipe board surface)
Collapsable dice tray/mouse pad
Damage Determinator spinner

Secret Agents of CROSS has been fulled updated to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules and published in both PDF, softcover, and hardcover editions.  You can get your copy here!

Just got my ticket for Con of the Lakes. I'll be running Secret Agents of CROSS: Sable Island. Here's the description:
Your team of Catholic super agents has been dispatched to Sable Island to investigate a treasure hunter's claim that he has found the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.
two slots left!

Did you miss Secret Agents of CROSS?

Did you miss the Secret Agents of CROSS Kickstarter? Well, now you can get the setting book and all the stretch goals for one low price!

What do you get when you mix Nazis, archeologists, meteoric iron, and Tibet? The Archdeacons don't know, but someone is willing to kill for it, and it falls on the Secret Agents of CROSS to figure out who and why before whoever can answer the question gets to it first.

Blessed Machine has released a new 1-shot mission for Secret Agents of CROSS called Whispers.  You can get this at  

Glory be from the heavens! It is done and it is 30% off!

Secret Agents of CROSS is available in pdf and is now 30% off.  Also, hardcover and softcover editions are are finally available in standard or premium editions. Check it all out here:

What is CROSS?

CROSS is a clandestine spy agency also known as the Catholic Response Organization to Strategize and Strike. CROSS was created by rogue Cardinal James McDonnell to take the Pope's prayers and convert them into actions.  He and his command staff create missions to protect the flock from evil using cutting-edge technology coupled with saintly magic honed over 2000 years of history.
For both gamemasters and players, this book includes:
• A brief history of Biblical events that affect the modern world of CROSS.
• A detailed history of the creation of CROSS and the entire command staff.
• Roles for players to choose from to promote CROSS's setting feel. Optional rules to expand, create, or change Roles.
• New Edges and Hindrances to help capture the setting feel of Catholic secret agents.
• Unique weapons created by the engineers of CROSS.
• A primer on how to be a secret agent of CROSS including the Holy Statutes of CROSS, Catholic and spy jargon, and a prayer generator for performing miracles.
• A Secret Agents of CROSS character sheet.

For gamemasters, this book also provides:
• Suggestions for how to handle the supernatural.
• Double-secret-GM's-eyes-only section of secrets not revealed in the other chapters.
• Powerful relics and artifacts to place into missions.
• Adversaries to interact with your agents.
• Complete missions for your agents to begin defending the flock and a detailed mission generator.


Secret Agent of CROSS dice are now available!  Check it out here.

Evilution Unchained for ICONS Print Editions!

After a long wait, print editions are available for the ICONS version of Evilution Unchained!

You can get a signed copy here or a Print-On-Demand version here.

Did you miss the Secret Agents of CROSS Kickstarter?

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Secret Agents of CROSS Is Funded!

We did it!  Secret Agents of CROSS has been funded and then some, reaching two stretch goals giving backers another 4 missions to play. 

What's up next?

  • Await funding $$ (1-2 weeks)
  • Finish description text for saints in the Character Generator chapter
  • Commission remaining artwork

Hi everyone! I am inviting anyone near Twin Lakes, WI to join me as I run a session of my original Savage Worlds setting Secret Agents of CROSS at Con of the Lakes @ 10 am on June 23rd. CROSS is a secret organization that's all about making the Pope's wishes come true, by any means necessary. This secret strike force is what you join in Secret Agents of CROSS. Here is more info on the setting:

#RPGNET Q&A with Pete Ruttman, creator of Secret Agents of CROSS

Pete Ruttman will be doing a Q&A on Secret Agents of CROSS at #rpgnet on Tuesday June 19th @ 7:30PM CST at this link right here!  Please stop by and ask questions about the setting, Pete's background, his Kickstarter, or whatever really.  See you there!

Announcing Veiled Fury Entertainment's interview with...
My whirlwind tour for Secret Agents of CROSS continues. This time via YouTube video. This video includes in-depth responses to the content in the Test Drive pdf. Details on the Mission Generator and new pledge levels for the Kickstarter.

Check me out on the SavageCast

Check me out on the SavageCast:

Everything you wanted to know about Secret Agents of CROSS and too much more!

We've uploaded the Secret Agents of CROSS Test Drive pdf to DriveThruRPG.  Give it a look, this is mostly pages directly from the draft of the complete game.  There is enough there to create characters and run an included mission.

If you like what you see, consider pledging to the Kickstarter:
Secret Agents of CROSS Kickstarter is now LIVE

Wheels up! Protect the flock! let's finish this mission!

Secret Agents of CROSS @ Nexus Game Fair


Event Registration is open at Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it looks like there are still open slots in all of my games.  Please come play.  I add stuff I learn to the book with every playtest.  Come help me out!

Secret Agents of CROSS: Not Dead Enough
Thursday, 10:00am to 2:00pm

Secret Agents of CROSS: Blood & Teeth
Thursday, 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Secret Agents of CROSS: Let There Be Light
Friday, 10:00am to 2:00pm

Secret Agents of CROSS: The King's Trump
Friday, 3:00pm to 8:00pm

Secret Agents of CROSS: Sable Island
Saturday, 10:00am to 3:00pm

Kickstarter For Secret Agents of CROSS launches June 1, 2018

We are getting close.  Here is the Kickstarter video for Secret Agents of CROSS. Give it a click!

What do you think?

Secret Agents of CROSS at Nexus Game Fair

Guys, I have signed up at Nexus Game Fair and will be running more Secret Agents of CROSS.  Let me know if you are going to attend.  Also, let me know if you've played in one of my sessions before and I will make sure there is at least one new adventure.  Maybe more...
Great news!  I got to show off the cover art at Gary Con this weekend, but I now have the entire spread (front and back cover) ready to go.  check it out!   Cover art by Hokunin (

Had a great time running Secret Agents of CROSS at Gary Con X! I ran three full sessions to good reviews from the players.  Savage Worlds is complementing Secret Agents of CROSS well and learned a lot from all my new players.  Thanks everyone!

Nexus Game Fair 2017

I had fun running the original CROSS adventure and a new one this weekend at Nexus Game Fair!

Evilution Unchained Bundle at HERO Games

I shipped 50 dead tree editions of Evilution Unchained to Hero Games and they have put together a nice $26 book+pdf bundle. Here's the link!

Blessed Machine Q&A Chat Log Link

Thanks to everyone that attended the Blessed Machine Q&A chat. if you were interested but couldn't make it, please checkout the chat log pdf here:

Don't Forget Blessed Machine Q&A at 7pm CDT/5pm PDT

Blessed Machine Q&A Chat
Sunday August 2nd at 7pm CST
Visit: (Click the Chat link in the menu)

Pete Ruttman will be hosting a chat session at chat. I will go over all the Blessed Machine products and discuss our current project Secret Agents of CROSS. Obviously, since it is a Q&A, we'll take any questions throughout. Thanks!