Saturday, January 5, 2019

Glory be from the heavens! It is done and it is 30% off!

Secret Agents of CROSS is available in pdf and is now 30% off.  Also, hardcover and softcover editions are are finally available in standard or premium editions. Check it all out here:

What is CROSS?

CROSS is a clandestine spy agency also known as the Catholic Response Organization to Strategize and Strike. CROSS was created by rogue Cardinal James McDonnell to take the Pope's prayers and convert them into actions.  He and his command staff create missions to protect the flock from evil using cutting-edge technology coupled with saintly magic honed over 2000 years of history.
For both gamemasters and players, this book includes:
• A brief history of Biblical events that affect the modern world of CROSS.
• A detailed history of the creation of CROSS and the entire command staff.
• Roles for players to choose from to promote CROSS's setting feel. Optional rules to expand, create, or change Roles.
• New Edges and Hindrances to help capture the setting feel of Catholic secret agents.
• Unique weapons created by the engineers of CROSS.
• A primer on how to be a secret agent of CROSS including the Holy Statutes of CROSS, Catholic and spy jargon, and a prayer generator for performing miracles.
• A Secret Agents of CROSS character sheet.

For gamemasters, this book also provides:
• Suggestions for how to handle the supernatural.
• Double-secret-GM's-eyes-only section of secrets not revealed in the other chapters.
• Powerful relics and artifacts to place into missions.
• Adversaries to interact with your agents.
• Complete missions for your agents to begin defending the flock and a detailed mission generator.

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