Saturday, March 21, 2015

Secret Agents of CROSS at Garycon 2015

With EU Behind me, I am back to working on Secret Agents of CROSS. I have three missions to run at Garycon 2015 this year. Its next week already!

  Secret Agents of CROSS: The King's Trump (The original first classic mission is back!)
 Why has a small time art dealer garnered the attention of several terrorist groups? Chatter indicates he has something code-named The King's Trump up for sale and you have been sent on a mission to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Unfortunately, nothing is ever straight forward or easy when you live the life of a Secret Agent of CROSS.

Secret Agents of CROSS: Blood & Teeth (Brand new mission!)
 Your team has been tasked with investigating the disappearances of people from a Catholic village in Eastern Turkey. Intel points to straight forward religious unrest, but the mission rapidly unfurls into a complex tale of power and revenge. Join your fellow CROSS agents and embark on a mission of Blood & Teeth.

Secret Agents of CROSS: Blood Ties (Most popular mission!)
 A missing persons case is usually mundane and simple, but when your case comes from the heart of the Vatican and you are a Secret Agent of CROSS no case ever is. Join your teammates as you travel to Jolly Old England to locate a celebrated otolaryngologist that has gone missing. Its a cut-throat world out there so you better smell out his intentions before you hear of his untimely demise.

Here are the pregens if you wanna take a look: 

 Mary Xu - Silent Knight (Infiltrator)
Kalid Atwah - Heavy Weapons Specialist / Transporter [No cool name :( ]
Jericho Zuma - Blessed Machine (Cyborg)
Dante Balducci - Exorcist
Aleksandr Sarov- Judas Agent (Grifter) / Iron Shroud (Hitter/brick)

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