Sunday, July 7, 2013

News for the week of July 7th

Meet Anton Marolf

"I am Anton Marolf. I am the Archdeacon of Strategic Operations at CROSS. My job is to direct CROSS operatives from our underground headquarters."  

As the Archdeacon of Strategic Operations, Anton Marolf, runs the Congregation of Strategic Operations and is in charge of recruiting, training and guiding its men on missions for the Holy General. This position holds control of over eighty percent of the field operations within CROSS. He also holds command over any field work done by other divisions if there is a chance for combat activity. He also will run any missions where there are multi-division teams in the field. Anton Marolf, from Switzerland, was the first person appointed to this position and still holds the title. He is a career military man and runs his division much like the Swiss Army. He is a major proponent of the multi division teams and often requests for these other disciplines on his missions. For the most part, the other Archdeacons are content to oblige the requests, but dislike the fact they lose control of their members for those missions.

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