Thursday, April 11, 2013

News 04/11/2013 - Some Odds & Ends

Well, no big update this time, but here is what I am working on:

1) Finished a draft of the chargen section of the book and shipped it off to my new player 
2) Two CROSS playtest sessions scheduled
3) CROSS NPC page on in production
4) Pulling in notes from all over and trying to get into a single document


  1. That's awesome! Playtest sessions and a new NPC page, and a final draft sent out! That sounds like a lot of progress on this - what kind of prep would a new player need to have, or what kind of interests, would they need, to be able to "get into" and play CROSS?

  2. Well the sourcebook will be packed with information for a budding CROSS agent to look over and that part of the book is what has been going out to the play testers.

    What kind of interests would you need to get into CROSS? A love of the mixture of modern religion, history, conspiracy, supernatural, technology and covert action.

    With time I will get more info up on here to give you some examples of how all this falls into a cohesive setting.

    Thanks for you interest!

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