Secret Agents of CROSS

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“Without politics, without compromise, and without fear, CROSS will stand and protect all God-fearing people from evil.”

Anton Marolf, CROSS Archdeacon of Strategic Operations

 This book is your guide to understanding the clandestine spy agency known as the Catholic Response Organization to Strategize and Strike or CROSS.  Read the details of an organization that secretly fights evil for the good of Christianity using cutting-edge technology coupled with powerful prayers honed over two-thousand years of history.

This book includes a complete urban fantasy setting for players to portray CROSS agents and can also act as a supplement for your superhero game.

For players, it will provide you with character ideas and templates you could use in building your latest PC for a campaign.  Consider having the power of an organization with two-thousand year old roots whispering help over your communication link. 

For gamemasters, this book can act as a setting for Religion-infused spy campaigns or add a religious facet to your campaign that may have been previously underutilized.  In addition, this book will detail numerous NPCs, plot seeds, artifacts and villains to add to any HERO System game.

CROSS: Secret Agents of the Vatican  is a 240 page B+W Softcover for use with both Heroic and Superheroic HERO System campaigns.

Note:  Champions Complete or HERO System 6e Volumes I & II is required to use CROSS as a complete game.


  1. I'm sending a link to this page to my Detroit friend. He's allergic to 6e, but the rest will interest him.

  2. Hey Pete thanks for allowing me to play at GaryCon X it was great I have a few thoughts I'd like to run by you if your up for that hit me up sometime