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Secret Agents of CROSS is a setting book for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, that allows players to become clandestine spies with technology and saintly magic. Together they will go on dangerous missions to protect the flock from evil. Get it here or everything bundle here!

CROSS mission: Passenger 666. The agents are flying home after completing their previous mission. While over the ocean, they discover that there is a demon spirit on board and he now controls the pilot. Can the agents stop the demon before the plane crashes? Get it here!

CROSS mission: Bedeviled. A Safe House contact sent by CROSS to investigate rumors of alien eggs has gone missing. Were the eggs real? Did alien.... parents abduct him? Unfortunately for the CROSS agents, it is far more infernal than that. Get it here!

CROSS Mission: Dire Quadmire. Five teens are lost in the Louisiana bayou. In a locale full of dangerous animals, the real threat is the humans and what they will do to cover up their secrets. Will the Secret Agents of CROSS be able to rescue the teens in time? Get it here!



CROSS Mission: Deadly Bounty. When a hurricane hits the Dominican Republic causing extensive damage and exposes lost treasures, the secret agents of CROSS are dispatched to help the victims and stop any artifacts from falling into the hands of looters during the crisis. However, the disaster uncovers something even the Secret Agents of CROSS were not expecting Get it here!

CROSS Mission: Ghostly Scraw. A new Ultraviolet imaging technology has been detailed on the Dark Web that reveils long lost writtings within tomes of old. CROSS must investigate these concerns before this rediscovered information can be usd for dark purposes against the flock it here!

CROSS Mission: Knight For Revenge. An invisible enemy is killing a group of people and developing a new children's restaurant. Can the secret agents of CROSS solve the mystery before the killer strikes again? Get it here!CROSS Mission: Hospitality Not Included. Recent chatter picked up at The Manger state that a rule-breaking professor of archeologist has found something Divine in Turkey and CROSS wants to know what he's found. The thing is, not even the professor realizes just how big a tiger he has by the tail. Will CROSS be able to help in time? Get it here!

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