Thursday, February 28, 2013

News Update for 2/28/13

Catholic Priest Template for CROSS: Secret Agents of the Vatican

I have begun cleaning up some of the templates I will be using for Garycon.  Here is the Catholic Priest Skill template.  Comments welcome.

Cost Skills
Catholic Priest Template
3 1)  KS: Biblical Texts 11-
3 2)  KS: Catholic Teachings 11-
3 3)  KS: Philosophy 11-
3 4)  KS: Theology 11-
3 5)  Oratory 11-
3 6)  Persuasion 11-
3 7)  PS: Priest 11-

Skills Total: 21

Cost Perks
Catholic Priest Template
2 1)  Contact:  Catholic Priest's Bishop (Contact has useful Skills or resources) 8-
6 2)  Fringe Benefit:  Membership: Catholic Priesthood, Priest

Perks Total: 8

Value Complications

Note: Choose One Of These:

Catholic Diocesan Priest
15 1)  Psychological Complication:  Promise To Obey Their Catholic Bishop Frequently, Major
10 2)  Psychological Complication:  Promise To Pray The Liturgy Of The Hours Every Day Frequently, Minor
15 3)  Psychological Complication:  Promise Of Celibacy Frequently, Major
Catholic Religious Priest
15 1)  Psychological Complication:  Vow of Poverty Frequently, Major
15 2)  Psychological Complication:  Vow of Chastity Frequently, Major
15 3)  Psychological Complication:  Vow Of Obedience To Catholic Superiors Frequently, Major

Complications Points: 40 or 45

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Danger International Debacle

So, I was looking over Danger International - -the old modern role-playing book from HERO Games.  My intention was to see if there was anything interesting that would be of use for CROSS.  However, to my horror I discovered it is missing pages 65-96  :( :(

I was looking at the cover and discovered that this was a Print Buyer's copy so maybe it wasn't complete on purpose.  See the picture below.  Maybe this is a collector's item.   Nah, I just got screwed.